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Uncover Your Story

Just like you don't see someones Hanes garments underneath their clothes, many face struggles underneath that go unseen.  These struggles don't define us, but are what make us human.

Voice Over by my Grandmother, who lives with an ostomy. Poem by Maya Angelou.

Jane and Ben.png

An autoimmune disease runs in my family that has caused several of my relatives to undergo Ostomy surgery. About a year ago, my copywriting partner and I pieced together that we both had family members living with ostomies.

Due to lack of knowledge, this life saving device is often negatively stereotyped; leaving those who undergo ostomy surgery embarrassed or ashamed. There is not a lot of talk in the media about this issue. No campaigns, nothing. We decided we wanted to do something to help. 


I hope this campaign can help empower people like my brother and grandma. Though we all have different marks, scars, and stories, underneath we are all human. Everyone deserves to be proud of who they are.

Thank you to the United States Ostomy Association, six support groups, the BYU AdLab, and my team for helping make this portfolio piece a reality.

Art Director: Jane Reese & Cade Christiansen
Designer: Jane Reese
Copywriter: Nate Nielsen
Director: Taylor Steadman

Assistant Director: Jane Reese
Director of Photography: Spencer Nelson
Editor: Spencer Nelson
Producer: Evan Jensen

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