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The Finest of Fingers l 360 Campaign

Being known as a "Butterfinger" does not have to be a bad thing. Though a flakey, messy, chocolately candy, "Butterfingers" are the finest type of finger one can have.

TV Spots (30 Seconds):

Limited Edition Hand (and Finger) Care:

Smells like chocolate and tastes like chocolate; Hand Care that helps you unleash your inner "Butterfinger."

Butterfingers Box Front.png
Box Back.png
Butterfinger Hand Cream Mockup.png
Butterfinger Finger Polish Mockup.png

BTS of How I Made the Butterfingers:

Art Director: Jane Reese
Set/Prop Designer: Jane Reese
Copywriter: Luke Strong
Director: Jack Dearden
Director of Photography: Alex Knight
Producer: Evan Jensen

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