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A Spoonful of Memories

Dig In l Passion Project

Growing up my Dad and I would collect souvenir spoons from the destinations we travelled. This collection of small (rusted) metal teaspoons has grown to become more than just cutlery but instead a tangible form of happy memories I've made across the globe. Though I love being able to have spoons that represent memories from around the world, some of my favorite memories have taken place a little closer to home.

I made twenty clay teaspoons to capture twenty years of memories.

My Metal Spoons:


My Clay Spons:

Although the spoons may seem simple, the color, shape, and smallest of details were all made with very specific intentions. Each spoon was created with a specific memory, place, experience, date, or person in mind.  These simple spoons all correlate to things that were crucial in shaping who I am today.

Knowing where I've been, helps me know where I want to go and who I want to be; an Art Director!

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